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About us

                                                                                                                         Date: December 20, 2016
A Gift of China,
We write to thank you and some of your customers for the sincere support to our Good Rock Foundation’s foster care program in Xinjiang Office.
In 2016, we received donation from A Gift from China, which helped us to carry on the foster care program in Bole and Kuitun, the two cities in Xinjiang. The donation was mainly used for buying therapy equipments, accommodation and transportation expense of visiting foster care children, salary of therapy teacher. The donation used in these needy areas had ensured foster care children’s sustainable therapy training and good caring in the family, which was helpful to their physical and psychological development.
We appreciate that you give us steady support year by year!
Yours Sincerely,
Li Xiuqin,
The Executive Officer,
Xinjiang Office,
The Good Rock Foundation




The Good Rock Foundation




Established in 1997, The Good Rock Foundation is a Hong Kong and UK registered charitable organisation, which provides a wide variety of programmes to improve the lives of orphaned and abandoned children in China. We work alongside Child Welfare Institutes in Xinjiang province under co-operative agreement with local Civil Affairs.


Mission Statement


We believe that every child is precious and deserves to have a life of hope and opportunity. Our vision is to extend a helping hand to the most vulnerable, those with disability. Our reputation and experience, developed through programmes that have been established since 1997, places us in an excellent position to bring positive changes and empowerment.  


We work in the belief that what vulnerable people need most are tools to enhance their opportunities for the future:


Vision – Compassion – Action


Vision - To provide a safe, stimulating environment for children to thrive, for young people to dream and for all to reach their goals.


Compassion - Through love, to offer hope, freedom and respect.


Action - To work together to help others help themselves by giving aid and encouraging practical skills.


History of Success:


Physical therapy & Special Education


Since 2004 we have placed therapy centres in orphanages and communities so that children and young people have access to resources that will help them reach their full potential.


·        Good Rock recipients have their own individual training plans.


·        Our low tech easy to train approach is a continuing programme that is both fun and achievable for the child and their carer.



·        Our special education teachers receive continuing world class training and have achieve such high standards that they are able to themselves conduct training to many caregivers from poorly resourced orphanages and communities.


Foster Care


Foster care brings children out of institutions into family life. That’s why we work with families, society and the state to encourage and support foster care in China.


        Since 1999 we have helped over 400 children live in local foster families


        We have a strong record of advocacy and we continue our work in facilitating and supporting the development of foster care in China.



Medical Care & Nutrition


In specific cases, we assist children with special needs in getting the high quality medical intervention, medicines or nutrition that they otherwise would have no access to.


                    Over the past 17 years we have enabled many children to receive life-saving surgery and medical treatment

                    We help orphanages where children have special dietary needs and have supported over 150 babies and toddlers with our feeding programme.


Investment is better than charity


Capacity Building


In co-operation with the Department of Social Welfare and with the invaluable help from expert volunteers, we train caregivers in best practice childcare.


        We have supported the training of over 200 orphanage workers and foster families to better equip them in coping with the mental and physical health issues relating to disabled children in care

        We continue to support caregivers, helping them to attend training both at institutions of learning and at our own special education centre.


Disabled Young Adults


This is an area of critical advocacy for vulnerable and marginalized adolescents reaching adulthood. We are passionate about providing opportunities to help them become connected and contributing members of community.


        Our special education school opened in 2007; to date, over 56 disabled young adults have attended.


        Our first training bakery centre opened in June 2009.  We continue to develop this project to provide vocational rehabilitation for young adults with disability. In 2015 we are now expanding this project to open a city-based shop, which along with our bakery centre is providing career opportunities through social enterprise.


Sign up for e-news & contact us at info@good-rock.org

Website: www.good-rock.org

Executive Director: jacqui@good-rock.org





In grateful acknowledgment to A Gift From China for the faithful support to the children that we serve in Xinjiang, NW China.  In over a decade, A Gift From China has donated more than rmb: 1.35million (US$ 217,000)


Through the generosity of customers who come into the Guangzhou store, A Gift From China has been supporting The Good Rock Foundation since 2004. Donations have supported minority orphans to complete further education, assisted many children in life saving & life transforming surgery.


Through A Gift From China, many children have been placed with local foster families. Most recently A Gift From China has supported our Gif Bakery project where we train young adult orphans with disability. These young people learn how to bake and manage their business, The Fig. Our city center shop in Urumqi, Xinjiang will open in September 2015.


Thank You To Everyone Who Comes Through The Doors of A Gift From China willing to make a difference to precious lives.


Jacqui Shurr

Founder & Executive Director, The Good Rock Foundation

July 29th 2015












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